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Electronic Cigarette: How Does it work?

Visit www.VCIG.COM or Call 1.877.VCIG.NOW to order your VCIG™ Vapor Cigarette or for more information. Follow VCIG on Twitter and Facebook. ALL orders CUSTOM printed. When you place an order, the image is made in the USA, just for you! Printed on WHITE, premium, self-adhesive, re-positionable fabric paper. No nails, frames or glue. No professional […]

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DESONIC Electric Cigarette DE-5082 Vapor Production

ECigarette looks, feels and smokes just like a real cigarette, but has none of the harmful substances found in real cigarettes. It emits a virtually odorless vapor that simulates actual smoke, but dissipates quickly in the air. It’s a battery operated cigarette alternative that produces no fire and is safe to use just about anywhere. […]

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Review – Juicy Vapor’s 555 Tobacco

This is my review of Juicy Vapor’s 555 Tobacco juice @ 24mg. DISCLAIMER: Whether the juices/PV’s/Mods in my posession were purchased or given to me, I will give a truthful review. If I do not like a juice, I will tell you about it, and also tell you NOT to buy it!!! Remember that cigarettes […]

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How To get More Smoke/Vapor Out Of The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review http for 10% discount on Green Smoke electronic cigarettes for orders over 0 This video is a review of the Green Smoke electronic cigarette and describes and offers a tip how you can get more “smoke” out of the Green Smoke, or any, electronic cigarette Make the switch from traditional smoking to Vaporizing! You […]

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Electronic Cigarettes Inc Vapor King E Cig Review

We review the Vapor King (510 model) from Electronic Cigarettes Inc. If you are interested in getting vapor clouds, this is the electronic cigarette for you. Check it out at or In this step-by-step instruction accompanied by color photos, Mike Sands reveals the secrets of e-cigarettes. The content-packed pages tells you how to […]

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SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette -Smokeless,Odorless Water Vapor SmokeStik is an electronic cigarette that provides similar satisfaction as a tobacco cigarette, with out the smoke, smell or harmful chemicals contained in real cigarettes

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – One Stop Vapors Unlike other electronic cigarette starter kits, we give you everything you need to start vaping. The eGo is arguably the finest electronic cigarette available on the market today. The eGo is best known for the outrageous amount of vapor it produces, in addition to the great flavour and throat hit it delivers. Aside from […]

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